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Virginia Motorrad provides BMW motorcycle repair and service in the Charlottesville area for '70 through present BMWs, including routine service, clutch/engine/transmission repair, tires, accessory installation and general mechanical restoration. A large part of the workload is mail-order component repair work for transmissions, final drives, and engine components.

We stock parts for routine service for most models, as well as cables, brake pads, and other parts that might be needed on short notice. Labor is billed at $95/hr.

We only service BMW motorcycles. No other brands, no mopeds, no scooters, not even for just tires. Other local resources are listed here.

Shop Policies


We use BMW parts and sell them for BMW's list price. You are on your own with any parts that you supply, with regard to the procurement, the application, and the suitability.

Keep in mind that parts sales are part of any shop's pricing structure. Without the parts sales component, there may be a different price structure.


Unless I explicitly say otherwise, work is performed on a time & materials basis. I do not give quotes for any nonstandard work; I might give you an estimate but the actual cost may be higher or lower.


Payment is due at time of pickup, but if your bike is here for an extended period of time for reasons beyond my control, you will need to settle your account when I have completed the available work. Cash, check, PayPal or Credit card (+3%) are OK.