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I won't work on loud bikes. If there is any doubt, call me first so you don't waste the trip.

Please bring the bike with as little gasoline in it as possible if the work involves opening or removing the tank (up to a gallon is usually OK). If the work involves removing the tank and especially removing fuel lines on a fuel-injected bike, I will remove excess gasoline. Not being in the gasoline storage business, I will probably not save that fuel for you but just put it into some other vehicle (like mine). I really would rather just buy it at a gas station because I hate handling gasoline. There are gas stations less than a mile from me and I'll make sure you can get to one of them.


Due to the wide range of tires available I only stock a few models. We can order tires that you want, but you may also order your own (cheaper for you). Have them shipped directly here, attention your name. Mounting and balancing will be charged at the shop rate but wheels off the bike will usually be about $40 each. Wheels on the bike will be slightly higher.

There are several good online tire stores. Note that for K1200LT you need to be sure to order the correct reinforced tire. Check your owner's manual or consult the BMW approved tire list.

Typical service and repair costs

These are just estimates! I have not yet seen your bike! Contact me if you want details.

Oil change: K or Oilhead, typically about $70; $40 in materials plus a bit of labor. Airheads will be a bit less due to lower material cost. In any case, time is billed normally so the cost will be higher if bodywork or accessories must be removed.

BMW Service (6k service) is about an hour or two, but the engine needs to be cool for valve checks (if needed).

Full service for the R1100/1150 (24k maintenance plus annual service) usually runs 5 or 6 hours and will cost about $500~700. The full service is detailed in your manual and includes:
  - engine oil change
  - gear oil change
  - brake flush
  - fuel, oil and air filters
  - chassis lube (yes this is actually real, not like cars)
  - alternator belt replacement
  - valve clearance adjustment
  - throttle synchronization
  - spark plugs
  - battery check
  - several general inspection points

Additional wear parts needed might include (parts + labor):
  - brake pads (up to $200 for all three calipers)
  - throttle cable ($40-ish)

For Oilhead work requiring transmission removal and reinstallation (clutch replacement, spline lube, rear main or transmission input seal, etc), figure that the transmission R&R alone will take six to eight hours. Airheads and non-ABS K bikes require less time.

Basic Airhead top-end work (pushrod tube seals, cylinder base leaks, rings) will be at the least four hours but if you bring me a motorcycle-shaped lump of corrosion it could take days. Carburettor strip/clean takes about an hour each.