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"My bike has 22,000 miles. Should I bring it in now for the 24,000 service?"

If you are going to be on a trip when the bike reaches 24k, it's fine to bring it in early, but otherwise I really prefer that you wait until you reach the next service milestone. Habitually advancing the service schedule leads to "service creep" where you eventually have to come in early. That causes problems (or at least wasted money) when there are items that have 24k or 36k intervals. You don't need to be a slave to the odometer, but as long as it's convenient for you I'd rather you stick pretty close to the published schedule.

"I have a Yawazuki 500..."

No. BMW only. No mopeds, no scooters, no other brands. Local independents include Carlton and Morris Cycle. Cycle Solutions is a large independent shop in Gordonsville. Harley-Davidson has dealerships in Orange and Staunton. There are no scooter/moped repair shops in Charlottesville. I simply don't have time, training or special tools for anything but BMW motorcycles.

"My old /2 has been sitting outside by the dryer vent for the last 19 years. It ran just fine when I parked it. Want to take a look at it?"

It's sometimes hard to imagine the internal damage caused by improper storage. Just about any outdoor storage in this area causes condentation inside the engine. I can restore these bikes but restoration is expensive regardless who does it. It's hard to do anything for less than $2000. Realistically, a typical "derelict bike" will need two or three times that. However, since this varies tremendously based on the exact condition of the bike, you'll need to bring it here and we can discuss it. It's really hard to assess a bike's condition over the phone.