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Wall of Shame

And other potentially interesting photos of stuff that we see.

Burnt-out fuel pump controller.
REALLY broken final drive bearing.
Intermediate shaft wore a hole in the transmission.
Pretty much worn out. Fixiable, though.
And there wasn't that much added.
Brand new master cylinder from BMW.
Stick Coil
Seen this a few times. They burn in half.
Crush washer
Re-used too many times.
How do you bend a valve adjuster?
Burned valve
Typical 1150 burned valve.
Bad O-ring
Probably been in there 35 years.
Mouse nest again
Fairly typical mouse damage.
Didn't need that lip anyway.
Drain plug
Can't tighten that one any more
Brake fluid
Change the fluid before this happens
Slave cylinder bore
Slave cylinder leak
Rocker needles
This is why your rockers were so noisy
stripped gear
Stripped input shaft gear
smashed bearing shell
Smashed conrod bearings
Fuel tank corrosion
Gas tank corrosion, from disuse.
Kickstart gear
Easy on the kicker there buddy. Try the button.
Overheated caliper, from misadjusted brake pedal linkage
Mouse nest
Mouse nest in K motor.
Stripped spline
Stripped 6-speed clutch spline.
Smashed lip on Nikasil cylinder, keeping it from sealing against the case.
head gasket
Wrong head gasket, diameter too small. Metal ring overheated and burned.
Zip-ties used to seal throttle body stubs, instead of clamps. Didn't work.
Broken valve
Broken valve, seized piston. R65 under tarp on earth for years.
Seized piston
Seized piston
Shells piled up so high they went down the vent tube for the ignition canister, disabling it.
pinched wire
Why do I keep blowing fuses on my driving lights?
Crank shim
Rear crank shim installed backwards. Spun against case and flywheel, and sheared off the support pins.
Folded truck
Found On Road Dead. West Virginia.
oil pan
The bike will actually survive with this crap in the sump.
Wrong throttle cable, not enough slack to install properly (note locknut under mounting ear).
Hmmm. Something's not right here.
I see this more often with K&N filters. Dirt on the inside is no
broken bolt
Valve cover bolts; nearly had to remove the cylinder head (I didn't drill the offcenter hole). ".. but I used a torque wrench!"
This is what happens to a K fuel pump when you let the bike sit too long.
Fuel pum mess
More fuel pump damage.
Shift roller
Bad shift roller